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Webinar for Calculating Marketing Budget set for July 12 Noon PDT

MarQuant Proprietary Tools Reviewed

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Webinar for Calculating Marketing Budget set for July 12 Noon PDT

If you'd like to know how much money you should be spending on various media, our webinar will show you.

If you want to know which product or segment or geographic area should get the bulk of your marketing budget, we'll give a demo on how to calculate the budget during our webinar.

If you want to know which business line or product should receive a budget for cross-selling, we'll explain in our webinar.

Contact us if you'd like to sign up for our 45 minute webinar on how to calculate your marketing budget on Tuesday, July 12th at noon PDT.

Barbara Lewis



Summer is underway and this is the time when many companies start planning next year's budget. For certain executives, budgeting is a matter of taking a percentage of this year's budget or last year's revenues.

However, for the sophisticated executive, the optimum budget for increasing profits is a mathematical formula that can be calculated with market response modeling and customer equity optimization.

Marketing information can yield specific spending recommendations for products, segments and media that can give you the highest short and long term profits.

Let us know if we can help you with your budgeting this year.

Barbara Lewis President of MarQuant Analytics


  • MarQuant Proprietary Tools Reviewed

    An article in the April 15, 2005 issue of DM News by David Raab of Rabb Associates discusses the power of MarQuant Analytics' proprietary budgeting tools.

    Four analytical tools optimize the marketing budgets:

    1. Between acquistion and retention
    2. Across segments such as products, customers, locales, etc.
    3. Across business lines or products for cross-selling purposes
    4. Across media activities


    The computer models use as few as 11 historical inputs to calculate the future marketing budget, which will increase profits and customer lifetime value.

  • More Info on MarQuant Tools

    If you would like more information about about MarQuant's analytical tools including descriptions and screen shots, click here.

    If your marketing requires a more practical and scientific look or media mix budgeting, we develop customized analytical tools for our clients and our clients' clients.

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