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October 2006


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Webinar - Data Excellence: The Key to Success on Thursday, Nov 2, at 11 AM PT

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Webinar - Data Excellence: The Key to Success on Thursday, Nov 2, at 11 AM PT





If you or your colleagues would like to learn about eight tips for data excellence, please sign up for this webinar.

These tips are based on our work with Fortune 500 companies and their data pitfalls.

Contact us if you'd like to sign up for our 30-minute webinar on how to improve your data for success on Thursday, November 2 at 11 AM PT.

Barbara Lewis President

MarQuant Analytics clients include Fortune 100 clients in the following industries:

  • Retail
  • Biotech
  • Advertising
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software

Data excellence is proving to be the critical key to success. With the advent of desktop econometrics and market response modeling, companies, especially those with mega budgets, can finally determine which marketing activities are effective and which are not. Econometrics examines the relationships over time between marketing mix variables that are controlled and performance measures, such as sales or market share, that represent the outcomes of marketing plans. The relationship among all the variables is teased out, so that companies can determine the lift that each marketing activity can attain.

Furthermore, companies can optimize their budgets to determine the ideal overall dollars as well as line item amounts that will accomplish goals such as maximizing customer equity, generating new customers, gaining market share or improving cross selling. Financial services companies with tons of data are leading the way in marketing resource management. However, it won’t be long before all industries are using econometrics and optimization in their analyses.

The cornerstone of the analysis is data excellence, not just quality data, but the right data, captured correctly and measured appropriately. Yet, a number of the Fortune 500 companies with which we’ve worked have many of the same data issues that inhibit accurate analysis. Our upcoming webinar is a selection of recommendations based on the major problems that we’ve encountered.

Although companies scrub their addressable data to insure accuracy, most are not committed to data excellence. While data mining has permeated corporate America, data excellence is struggling and lagging behind. Data excellence can drive budget decisions for a competitive advantage. The winners will be companies with strategic goals aligned with data capture, comprehensive data protocol and standardized measurement, which will lead to superb analysis and optimization of the budget.

Gone are the days when CXOs couldn’t figure out which of their marketing activities were working. Econometrics and optimization take the guesswork out of the equation and data excellence drives the process.





·  More Info on MarQuant Tools

If you would like more information about MarQuant's analytical tools including descriptions and screen shots, click here.

If your marketing requires a more practical and scientific look or marketing mix budgeting, you and your clients can obtain customized analytical tools developed by MarQuant Analytics.